Chicago Property and Building Maintenance Plan

Property maintenance plan is all about preventive maintenance, regularly not letting small coating problems develop into large ones. This prudent approach means savings because coating deterioration is exponential and undercutting that growth means less contractor work (and your expense to pay for it) on average. Time is saved because you do not have to collect several estimates and decide again. No need to hold condo association meetings. Your expenses are spread in small portions over a period of time so budgeting is easier.

Property maintenance plan is meant for surfaces that experience excessive wear, such as decks or stairs. We will touch up any other surface, of course, to keep away the elements, especially considering Chicago climate.

Property maintenance plan has proved to be an excellent solution for metal staircases which tend to rust. Rust develops more at welding and foot traffic impact points so rust prevention is required for long-term structural integrity. During Chicago winter, salting often takes place on stairs, contributing to accelerated rusting.

It works great for a condominium buildings as they require regular touch-up of common areas.

Any touch-up that is done will be with fully compatible, most times the same product and color formula that was originally applied by our workers, minimizing spot visibility and eliminating chemical incompatibility.

And last, but not least, we keep you informed about the state of your property. Should you require services beyond what regular maintenance covers, we will provide you with an advanced notice for your consideration.

Maintenance plan includes:

  • Guaranteed two man-days or more per year for spot touch-ups and miscellaneous coating problems, depending on property size, prepaid at today's rates
  • Yearly inspection for coating deterioration
  • Written report and recommendations
  • Flexibility to add other services if desired

Chicago weather harsh and unforgiving, with drastic temperature changes, freezes and thaws. Regular maintenance goes a long way to combat its effects.


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