Financing your project

Your house, everything in it and on the outside is subject to constant impact. Eventually, a new painting job is required. Although an interior decorating project can be postponed at the expense of the looks of your residence, an exterior painting job is hardly something to be ignored. Just as we must put oil in our cars because it prevents premature wear, the only thing standing between the structure of your house and the elements is the paint coat. That is why exterior painting must be performed on a regular basis, similar to an oil change, or new shoes we must buy if the old ones wear out. The weather does not wait. If left unprotected, your house will deteriorate quickly, guaranteed.

Sometimes, however, we cannot afford the expense of such a project. The consequences, although not immediately obvious, can be costly. When water seeps through failing paint coat, it damages wood and other materials. The more damage, the sooner a replacement will be requried. Instead of several decades, you may face a major renovation involving caprentry in less than half that time. Construction and carpentry services are at least twice more expensive than painting, and you will still need to paint newly replaced material anyway.

So a homeowner is faced with a difficult choice -- to cover relatively small expense today or disproportionately large one later. A very simple solution is financing. For the cost of interest, you will be preventing expenses that surely will occur and are known to outweigh the cost of financing many times, from several dozen to more than a hundred, if you do the math.

Over the years, we at Essex have established relationships with bankers specializing in construction and home improvement loans and can guide you through the application process. There are some other options available that you might consider depending on your situation. Please feel free to let us know so that we could help you.

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